Who is Topology Eyewear for?

We created Topology Eyewear for the millions of people that already pay more than $500 for stock glasses that don't fit.

Approximately 10% of glasses sold in the USA - that's about 20,000 pairs every day - cost about $500 or more.  However the fact is that mass-produced, "stock" glasses don't fit most people.  This is why your glasses pinch, squeeze, stretch-out, or slide down your nose.

We believe that good quality eyewear is worth investing in, but only if it fits perfectly.  Given that everyone is different, the only possible way to ensure a perfect fit for any face, is to make each pair from scratch, custom sized and shaped for one person at a time.

Our mission is to bring you individually made, custom-fit glasses for about the same price many people pay now for stock "designer" glasses.

Therefore, there are two ways to understand and benchmark our prices...

Compare us to traditional "Bespoke" handmade eyewear

It has long been possible to buy glasses that are individually sculpted to your unique features, by buying from small artisanal "bespoke" makers.  We have great respect for these craftsmen, but unfortunately the price and time involved is prohibitive to most people.  

We use the most advanced technology available to democratize bespoke eyewear, and bring you glasses and sunglasses that offer all the benefits of bespoke, but are:

  • More affordable
    Priced from $495, compared to $1,000 or more for traditional bespoke
  • Faster
    Delivered to you in about 3-4 weeks, compared to several months for traditional bespoke
  • Simpler
    Just a simple selfie from your iPhone gives us thousands of sub millimeter accurate measurements, instead of multiple visits to a bespoke maker and their many manual measurements or face castings.
  • Pre-viewable
    The Topology for iOS app allows you to see exactly how your custom design will look on your face before you place your order.
  • Returnable
    If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your glasses, you can return them for a full refund. This is completely unheard of in the custom/bespoke eyewear industry.

Compare us to stock "designer" labelled eyewear

Thousands of people per day already pay $500 or more for their eyewear, even in mainstream stores like Lenscrafters.  Typically premium eyewear commands a premium price due to the use of a designer brand name, despite the fact that the designer brand didn't actually make, or perhaps even design the glasses themselves.

More importantly, almost all eyewear is "stock" eyewear - meaning that it is made thousands at a time, sized and shaped for a mythical "average" person that doesn't really exist.  Therefore it virtually never offers a great fit, and causes the wearer problems in comfort, performance and style.

For about the same price as stock "designer" eyewear, Topology Eyewear offers you:

  • "Bespoke" levels of custom fit and style
    Individually made from scratch, based on your custom design and unique measurements
  • Perfect fit for any face
    Or your money back
  • Better vision from the same prescription
    We customize your lenses for the precise position they will sit on your face, ensuring perfect calibration and focus
  • No need for adjustments
    Because Topology Eyewear is made for you from scratch, it will fit perfectly right out of the box, with no need for adjustments.  This also means the fit will not be lost over time, unlike stock frames which lose their adjustments
  • Made in San Francisco
    Many "designer" brands that say "Made in Italy" or similar are actually made in China, then just assembled in Italy.  Topology Eyewear is only ever made in San Francisco, California - for real - from raw materials.
  • Made without compromise
    Made from the finest materials and components available - just like the most expensive stock designer pairs.

Topology is not just another brand that aims to make stock eyewear cheaper, we are all about offering substantially better value, for a fair price, that many customers already pay.

Some other common questions about our pricing

  • You are an online brand, so shouldn't you be cheaper?
    Some other brands sell stock eyewear direct to consumers in order to charge less for the same stock product.  We are using the saving gained by eliminating wholesalers and retailers to instead make a better product, for about the same price as stock.
  • Why are you so much more expensive than [Other Brand Name]?
    They are stock eyewear.  If you find that stock eyewear already fits you perfectly, and never pinches, squeezes or slides down your nose, then we recommend you save your money and buy from those other guys.  But if price is not the only problem you face with eyewear, we would be delighted to perfect it for you.
  • Can I buy the frames without the lenses?
    No.  For more information please refer to this article.
  • Do you accept my vision insurance?
    Yes.  More info coming soon
  • Can I pay with my FSA/HSA?
    Yes.  More info coming soon
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